Kate Shin began building her vision of the Waterfall Mansion & Gallery while she was working as a real-estate developer, far from the art world. The idea to merge art, architecture, design, and lifestyle came from the realization that a truly moving experience must be all-encompassing. A place gains its life from the life it nurtures and art is amongst of the most fruitful expressions of living. By building a synergetic relationship between art, place, artists, and gallery inner workings, an environment in which all elements harmonize together to heighten and nurture one another is created.

Kate places priority on genuine connection. She works with artists personally from developing concepts for shows to installing the works for exhibitions as well as fostering broader opportunities for artists in need of support and exposure. By including works from contemporary and upcoming artists from all around the globe, Kate creates a dynamic and fresh conversation while allowing the gallery to serve as a place of creative and professional development for artists.

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery does not limit itself to in-house exhibitions, shows range from events for the United Nations, Bergdorf Goodman, the International Center of Photography, and many more. The Waterfall's main goal is to create connections through a new frontier of art experience.