Waterfall Mansion & Gallery's Artful Living campaign focuses on merging art and lifestyle. 



Our vision is to create dynamic and powerful artful experiences by working with the artists to create prolific contemporary work.  We then work to curate exhibitions that showcase and tell provocative and strong stories and empower people through art education. We build a platform to connect artists to the top 1% of collectors, culture and taste makers, and international opportunities. 


Waterfall Mansion & Gallery in partnership with Alodium Group present "Artful Living at the West Village Printing House." A unique experience of "Artful Living" in a lovely West Village apartment featuring works from twenty six international artists with furniture and design by world-renowned craftsmen.

Photos by: Ji Sang Chung


An exhibition meant to inspire and motivate viewers in engaging in sustainability – in themselves, in their communities, and in the world. Featuring forty international artists with varying works on the theme of sustainability, A SUSTAINING LIFE is a dynamic conversation about the world we share and an awakening of our conscience towards social good.